Action Communications established 1987

Eclipse 2002 Southern Africa - click for an enlarged view

one man band in 1987.
With a publishing idea, and a will to succeed.
My business is advertising, marketing consultancy,web design, PR, hosting and print solutions to UK and European clients from our base in Kent.

29 years on I still get a buzz out of the projects that go well and the people who help to make them happen. When things aren't perfect, we offer constructive solutions, with the minimum of fuss. Competition is always tough and today everyone must fight harder to keep a piece of the ACTION!

marketing, advertising, pr consultancy; web design and print services; advertising planning and print buying; web hosting; copywriting and editing.

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Total Eclipse,
Southern Africa, December 2002.
Perfectly illustrated, the moment when the sun re-appears to display the "diamond ring" effect. Look at the close-up and you will see Venus at the right of the picture.

Perfection - often fleeting, not always easy to grasp.

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Action Communications

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