Action Communications established 1987

Eclipse 2002 Southern Africa - click for an enlarged view
We respect your rights. Should you choose to contact Action Communications we undertake to respect your privacy. We will not store your contact details without your authority and we have taken steps to ensure that you will not become a victim of mass mailing or virus activity as a result of accessing this site. However, if Microsoft can't protect you from Spam and other forms of attack, then we hope you will understand that neither can we. Nothing on this site is intended to diminish your rights under domestic and European law.
Mention of clients and projects does not imply endorsement on either side.
We will vigorously defend our copyright at all times.

Should you wish to see a portfolio of our work please send us an E-mail request, stating your field of interest.

We will be happy to quote on any projects on a like for like basis.

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