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THE YEAR 2003 started with a few problems, not uncommon these days. Closure of the Central Line meant a Spring campaign booked the previous year had somewhere to go but hardly anyone to see it. In these instances being the middle man requires listening to both sides. Clients always demand maximum compensation and switching to other media is not an option. In the end we negotiated an extension which effectively
compensated the client 100%.

Computerisation has revolutionised the outdoor industry. As little as 15 years ago the industry had a poor reputation for contract fulfilment, with posters not always being pasted where, and when, specified. However, contractors can become too dependent on the information they see on the screen. In one case this year we had to physically visit a site and photograph it to prove to the contractor that they were wrong, our client's poster had not been pasted. When you're booking small, specialist campaigns every site counts, so you have to
be prepared to spend time and money on behalf of the client.

Print production continued to be an important part of our service. In a world where customers are frequently approached direct it is often difficult to explain the benefits of letting a consultancy take on this work. It is only when jobs go wrong that the cost implications become apparent. Often, you are not quoting like-for-like. We will always seek out three or more quotes on print and it is surely worth the 10% premium we charge to be assured you, the client, aren't bamboozled by the technology.

Several trips to Europe proved that the British economy continues to perform robustly. Our Dutch client, having seen growth of 40%+ this year, asked us to advise on a proposed consumer advertising campaign. As always, you have to be patient. Once entered into, retailers come to expect the support which advertising provides and, however large or small the campaign, it must be done properly. So roll on 2004.
Growth and prosperity.







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